Bulkheads, Seawalls, & Retaining Walls

Bulkhead Installation & More for Ocean County, NJ

Keep your waterfront home or business safe from erosion, waves, and more with bulkheads, seawalls, and other features constructed by SS Bulkheading. We’ve been the trusted team for bulkhead installation in Ocean County, NJ as well as related marine construction projects.

We love being on the water ourselves, so we understand how important your waterfront property is to you. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create the highest-quality builds that are as functional as they are attractive. Whether you need bulkhead installation, seawall construction, or our repair services, you can count on us.

What Is a Bulkhead?


A bulkhead is a retaining wall, a man-made structure built along shorelines to limit erosion. Coastal property owners invest in bulkheads to slow landslide erosion caused by crashing waves. Plus, they increase the property value.

Bulkheads (and seawalls) were traditionally made using concrete, steel, or wood, but advances in modern construction have made vinyl an option as well. Our marine construction company’s contractors evaluate your specific waterfront property to design a long-lasting bulkhead or seawall that’s sure to meet your needs, like a tie-back system complete with dead-men tie-back helical anchors, tie rods, and drag logs.

Get a “Bulkhead” Start


We strongly recommend starting the permit process for your bulkhead or seawall construction project well in advance of your needed completion date. This way, we can begin your build without any delay. Our experts will ensure that all the correct permits are secured, but please make sure to give us a call as soon as you can to start the process. Reach out today for an initial consultation and learn more about the permitting and construction processes.

Also Available for Repairs

Bulk HeadsWood Planks

After a natural disaster or passing time, your seawall or bulkhead may need repairs. You can rely on our licensed builders for any bulkhead repairs or other marine construction solutions you need. With our decades of experience, there is no problem we haven’t fixed before.